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Introduces a kind of index UL94 plastic "flame"

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UL94 is a index of plastics flame retardant. UL94 has several test methods, only to introduce the following 3 kinds of UL94-HB test, UL94-V test and UL94-5V test for the.UL94-HB test HB test is used to verify the combustion speed. As shown in Figure 1, the sample is placed, then


Flame retardant on the material level. Figure 3 shows the UL94 grade and the yellowcard number. UL yellow card currently available online.


Fig. 3 physical directory in the flame-retardant recorded cases (grade XFR4840)

● UL94-5V test


The test more strictly than UL94-V, also test and HB test and UL94-V.

The experiment was divided into 2 stages. Firstly, the strip specimen vertically andcombustion test, after passing the plate test.

Vertical burning test, first, as shown in Figure 4 vertical hanging up the sample. Then use the firepower (flame length up to 125mm) test. Will the following action repeated 5 times: 5 seconds, 5 seconds, remove the barbecue....... Finally, away from the flamebegan measuring combustion time. In addition to check whether below the degreased cotton will burn part by falling ignition.



Figure 4 vertical burning test (5V) profile

After the test, evaluated by Table 2 standards. Through the vertical burning test, the test is divided into 5VA or 5VB.

Table 2 vertical test evaluation criteria



 The burning time

60 seconds

Absorbent cotton is the burning part was falling ignition



Then, as shown in Figure 5 by plate test. As the test for 125mm long flame repeated 5 times the following acts: 5 seconds, 5 seconds, remove the barbecue....... The flame is extinguished, according to the sample with and without holes is determined to 5VA or 5VB.


Fig. 5 (5V) of combustion test

Table 3 plate test evaluation criteria




The sample with and without holes?





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