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Bottleneck and measures in plastics additives industry in Ch

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Bottleneck and measures in plastics additives industry in China
Introduction: in recent years, with the rapid development of China's synthetic resin andplastics processing industry, the rapid growth in demand for plastic additives, but theindustry still exist the lack of scale, unreasonable product structure, weak corporate brand awareness, auxiliaries and technical scanty independent intellectual property rights, many problems such as lack of scale.
Chinese plastic auxiliary problem:
The lack of large-scale production enterprises, the market less competitive. At present, in China more than 10 plasticizer and PVC processing additive enterprisescale of million tons per year in SISU, a few enterprises scale in the thousands of tons of auxiliary enterprises only Guangdong Guang Yang, Zibo aids can be counted on one's fingers, a lot of antioxidant plant and fire retardant factory workshop, similarproducts with low technological content, performance, technical personnel quality is not high, process and technical equipment and international advanced level cannot be mentioned in the same breath.
Auxiliaries for the independent intellectual property rights and technology scanty.Although the auxiliary localization work highly valued by the relevant government departments and enterprises, domestic additives such as antioxidant 1010 successful launch, greatly promoted the auxiliary localization process, stabilize the prices ofsimilar imported auxiliaries, but these technologies are based on the imitation or copying of foreign expired patent technology, lack of the innovation, it is difficult to form independent intellectual property rights.
The domestic additives low cost advantage has ceased to exist. For those low management level, poor degree of automation, not up to the size of the economy,small or workshop type enterprises, its product comprehensive human cost was even higher than that of multinational companies that management intensive, process automation, production scale, market globalization.
The structure is not reasonable, similar or the same file auxiliary repetitive production,competing suppression of prices lead to vicious competition.
We should face up to the problem, accelerate the development of. Advantages and development opportunity at present, have:
The state of the world's largest plastics additives market, the demand will drive the development of related industries.
The decades of development though uneven, some good and some bad, but establishing industrial base. The integration of existing resources and reuse, will enable the domestic agent production scale, intensive, in order to become a reality.
The China fine chemical results rich reserves, R & D strength, as long as the industryguide properly, innovation will continue to emerge.
The influx of foreign capital will gradually realize the resources localization.
Status of the auxiliary industry has attracted great attention of science and technology administrative department of the state and related industries.
As an important measure, United will be the key chemical enterprises in the development of. In front of the huge market demand and competitive pressure,enterprises must carefully consider the future development strategies. The introduction of foreign capital, introducing foreign intelligence, buy foreign advanced technology or allowing them to share the form of equity participation are worthy of the domestic enterprises attach great importance to. Capital market integration, enterprisecooperation, cooperation, merger, combination and down are the current domestic small auxiliary enterprises can not be ignored. Cooperation is not equal to the shift,but in order to improve the capital operation efficiency, higher returns and greater market share.
In addition, the continuous development of the original has Chinese resources characteristics and market characteristics of the innovation technology, in order to promote the independent development of domestic additives industry. In recent years,the college in China and related enterprises in China accounted for by rare earthadditives for plastics of rare earth resources development of global reserves of more than 85%, is the original technical achievements.
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Plastic additives also called plastic additives, is a polymer (synthetic resin) of somecompounds when processing to improve the processing property of the resin itself orinsufficient to improve performance and must be added. For example, in order to reduce the temperature of PVC resin, the product is soft and adding plasticizer; and as for the preparation of light weight, anti vibration, heat insulation, sound insulationfoam to add foaming agent; some plastic thermal decomposition temperature andmolding temperature is very close, not adding heat stabilizer can not forming.Therefore, plastic additives play an important role in the process of plastic molding.



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