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Application of plastic recycled packaging sharply

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  According to a report the Freedonia group released the latest known, globalrenewable plastic packaging demand will rise 10%, to $162000000000.
The group predicts that, by 2020, the proportion of plastic packaging recyclingpackaging will account for 10.6%, and the proportion was 6.9% in 2010, is expected in 2015 8.5%.
The predicted results from the group released the latest "green packaging" report,report says, with the amount of recycled materials processing and recycling increaseincreased activity, will promote the recycling of plastic packaging demand growth.
The report said: "in addition, plastic packaging sharply rising another reason, becausecompared with the plastic paper packaging and metal packaging started a much smaller size, recycled plastic container rate lower than the corrugated boxes andaluminium and steel cans."
To 2020, expects global renewable plastic packaging market will be worth$26000000000. The largest regional market will be in Asia Pacific area($10700000000), followed by America ($4600000000) and Europe ($6000000000).
The bottle will still be the main form in regeneration of plastic packaging, because PET and high density polyethylene recycling infrastructure is already very mature anddeveloped. Expected regeneration activity other subdivision of the field will also be increased, including the thermoformed containers and packaging.



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