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Jingmen Gorun Technology Co.,Ltd. is professionally researchingand developing the polycarbonate film and sheet for the advanced market for electronic and printing industry. The company was established in 1994, located in High Technology Industry Deve···


Application of plastic recycled packaging sharply

     According to a report the Freedonia group released the latest known, globalrenewable plastic packaging demand will rise 10%, to $162000000000.The group predicts that, by 2020, the proportion of plastic packaging recyclingpackaging will account for 10.6%, and the proportion was 6.9% in 2010, i...


The main types of PC alloy and its characteristics of PC fla

     The main types of PC alloy and its characteristics of PC flame retardantApplication of PC/ABS alloy1 PC/ABS alloy with impact resistance, mainly used in the manufacture of automobilefan, battery, panels etc..2 has good shock resistance, good rigidity, good heat resistance of PC/ABS alloy,used in inj...


Bottleneck and measures in plastics additives industry in Ch

     Bottleneck and measures in plastics additives industry in ChinaIntroduction: in recent years, with the rapid development of China's synthetic resin andplastics processing industry, the rapid growth in demand for plastic additives, but theindustry still exist the lack of scale, unreasonable produ...


Introduces a kind of index UL94 plastic "flame"

     UL94是表示塑料阻燃性的一种指标。UL94有多种试验方法,下面仅介绍其中的3种UL94-HB试验、UL94-V试验和UL94-5V试验。UL94-HB试验HB试验用来验证燃烧速度。如图1所示,将试样平放,接着 关于本公司材料等级的阻燃性。图 3 给出了 UL94 的等级及其黄卡编号。 U...


Polycarbonate (PC) injection process


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